Chrome hates my site title and slogan

I’m seeing some strangeness when my site is viewed with Google Chrome. It only applies to the Site title and Site slogan. I’ve not looked at the site in a while - certainly last time I checked, it all looked OK and I’ve made no design changes in a long time.

In RW Preview and Safari and FireFox, all is fine. But when you view the page using Chrome the title and slogan text is barely readable. I’m attaching a couple of example images. The site is at

Any advice appreciated.


It looks equally feint on Safari and Chrome to me. Peeping under the hood I can see that the Header text is being made partially transparent, and as it is a very thin text anyway, Lato 300, it fades away on some browser / monitor combinations. Also the transparent id blue with a thin transparent text provides less than ideal contrast. You can see ths same issue on your main text logo where the pink WEB appears to loose all of it’s colour.

I would advise to use a heavier font and remove the transparency, and add a more contrasting BG.

It looks okay on both Safari and Chrome here.

Both are the latest versions.