CleanShot: anyone using it?

There’s a relatively new screenshot utility named CleanShot. Anyone purchase? Any thoughts on how good it is? I already have some other screenshot tools, but am a bit intrigued by this one. More here:


Interesting one.

Still using SnagIt 2019 here, which is so slow.

@joeworkman is a fan.

Yep it’s really good @mitchellm and use it everyday :)

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I bought Snagit when it was on offer recently and though I find it a little clunky - and I hate the icon - I think editing tools are fantastic and I’ve yet to try and do something with it and fail.

@rob.beattie Yes, Snagit 2019 does have some nice features. The “combine images” feature is especially nice. So Snagit is great for more complex screenshts. It’s not super quick. Seemed like CleanShot might be nice for quick and good looking screenshots.

Does anyone know if CleanShot can grab the entire page, or is it just the selected/visible part?

“page”? It captures what is visible on your desktop

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@yuzoolthemes What feature (or features) do you find especially helpful for you that stands out from other screenshot app options?

@Neil: Captures area, full screen or video :)
Not the entire page if it’s along website …

@mitchellm the main reason I bought it was to make screenshots for apps with a background and the browser - used to spend 5 mins in Pixelmator for each before, now just a few seconds…


Not sure on the other apps but the one I was using seized development and this screenshot feature alone was worth it for me :)

I have 3 different screenshot apps and a browser extension for Firefox (not my default browser). I can capture the whole page with the Firefox extension, but the apps will only capture the visible part of the page. The difference is that I want to capture the whole page, even the part you need to scroll down to see.

Currently, only the Firefox extension will allow the “Entire” page.

I’ll get CleanShot if it’s possible to capture the entire page.

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@Neil SnagIt definitely does the whole page: no matter how long.


@yuzoolthemes Thanks. I can see how that would be useful!

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@Neil there is no browser extension for Cleanshot, it is strictly a “desktop” app. I use it as a replacement for “Skitch” as it has basically the same markup tools, but also has basic video capture as well.

Did I say “CleanShot” browser extension? No, I said “a browser extension”.

I think it’s called Nimbus or something similar. I honestly don’t use it much, but if I’m paying $19, it would be nice to have the “full screen” capability.

Contact the developers and ask for that in an update, it would be a good update to have.

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I just asked the developer about installation for 1 person on 2 Macs, and he replied I would have to buy the 2 Macs license therefore. 28$ + Tax is a bit too much…


Maybe Cleanshot will add that one day (fingers crossed) @Neil - maybe keep an eye on it. It’s updated regularly!

Yeah… I’m only 1 mac now that my iMac blew up. So every cloud has a silver lining! 😂

I emailed the CleanShot guy, he said it’s not possible at the moment but might be added later.

I’m in the same boat as @Jannis, having to buy a licence for each Mac is a bit too much.

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