Clearing out my sock drawer (RW Addons folder)

I’m having a big purge of all the junk that has collected in my Addons folder over the years. I’ve more or less thinned it down to this…

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 08.45.24

Anyone spot anything that doesn’t need to be there?

Waterfall? I kinda remember what it is, I know I bought it at some point although I now have only the demo installed, but does it still work or required? Running it almost everything comes up as an error, so I’m thinking not.

Weirdly, I see Stacks 3 plugin but not 4. Is this normal? I’m running 4!

Stackgroup and Stacksgroup 2. Guess this is a dupe. Stackgroup 2 created 30th April 2020, Stacksgroup created 3rd July 2020. So thinking I can dumb 2?

Themes Disabled, Plugins Disabled and Stacks Disabled are empty, do I need to keep it?

Waterfall was a service/plugin that scanned your themes and then compared them with a central list of themes that supported Waterfall - then it displayed a list of which ones that had updates available. I think it’s pretty much defunct now.

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Thanks Rob.

I think you are best just using the inbuilt RW option to manage addons. This will remove the ones you don’t use from being loaded but keep them accessible if you need to restore:

As for your ‘Stacks 3’ file - i think something went wrong on an update/install for this to happen. I’d delete that and re-install the latest version.

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