Client-side image upload, processing and displaying in a gallery

Hello all, great to see a new forum that is actually inclusive and not a sales tool.

I have a requirement…

At present, I’m looking after a few RW sites that are image focused (wedding cakes, wedding flowers, etc.) I maintain every aspect of these sites, including the galleries.

The workflow at present is client shares a gallery with me via Apple Photos. Normally about a dozen images. I drop them into PS and batch process them, then save them to a folder which I add to the server via FTP.

Then I open the project, copy an instance of Wills Pro Gallery, change the folder it points to and that’s it, job done.

A good example is this site and this gallery:

What I would really like to do though is automate this process as much as possible and ideally make it all happen browser side, so the client can do it themselves. I would also prefer if the image processing can happen server side too, to remove as much as possible the ability for the client to fuck it up!

I’ve checked my usual sources for gallery scripts but come up blank, so I’m wondering if anyone can think up a good workflow using the RW tools I have to hand, for which the obvious candidates are @Jannis Repo and @willwood Pro Gallery. I’m happy to buy more stacks if they do the job, equally I have no issue in using a PHP script, If I can find one that works.


OK, no sales pitch doing here, just want to remark that Gallery Stack 3 is already able to read an Apple Photo Shared Album from iCloud and display the images from that. As you are referring to a customer giving you the photos via “Apple Photos shared gallery”, well…

Demo: (scroll down for iCloud)

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LOL. Sorry, I didn’t mean by my comment for anyone to not sell something, it’s just, well, you know, the other places seem to be all about devs trying to push their stacks (regardless of how suitable they are for the task) than actually helping anyone out!

I had no idea your Gallery stack did that. I’ve meant to get a proper look it at before, but never got round to it. I certainly will now though.


No, this place here is just to help people, of course especially for each and every developer’s own products, as also for other ones.

Well, than it’s time to do that 😜

I’m trying to work thru the workflow in my head for the iCloud client…

He creates the albums and shares them, I add them to the page using Gal3, it then pulls in the most recent X number of images. From the docs I think that is doable?

What about image size/quality. He’s taking them on an iPhone, does he need to process and resize them before sharing or will iCloud and/or Gal3 ensure that the page doesn’t try to display images at 5mg each?

The cake client doesn’t use iCloud, the way they share them with me is very hap-hazard. This this client I’m thinking Repo is the way to go, but again it comes down to image size/quality. Don’t suppose you fancy building an image processing plugin for Repo?


iCloud will take care, they are processing the images already and doing some max (dimension) sizing…

Either Repo 2 or Gallery 4 will do that 😄 in future.


I installed this for a client that wanted to upload and organise collections of sporting photographs:

Like Wordpress, but for creating image galleries. Loads of themes and plugins available. Supports EXIF data, batch processing, permissions, and on-the-fly image resizing. Totally free, so might be worth a play.


Thanks Will. Funnily enough I was looking thru the scripts in Softalicious today for such a thing and saw that there, will defo give it a try.

Out of interest, have you incorporated the galleries into their website, or are the galleries stand-alone, so to speak?

Also nice:

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