Client website with the need to update it from outside

Hi @Jannis,
I also need to build a client website with the need to update it from outside.
It is a club helping homeless dogs and trying to find new owners for them.
They have to be able to change the status of the dog - e.g. available - reserved - found owner
Is there a possibility to show the dog on a different subpage according to the status?
Like when tagged “available” the post only shows on the subpage Available or “reserved” only on the subpage Reserved etc.
Also would need a max simple template/input form for the clients for uploading …
What they need is similar to this

My other idea is to work with a database/form behind the page controlled by google spreadsheet or something like the G-Stack from weavium (which I have).

It is a rather complex task for me (especially the uploading/updating process from outside) so any help is appreciated!

We can also discuss further details in german via phone or mail…

Thank you in advance,


Hi Tom,
That sounds interesting. Unfortunately, that’s beyond the capabilities of Poster Stack right now.
Grüße, Jannis


I wonder if this is something that could be achieved using GSheet?

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Hi Rob,
yes, thought so, too. Especially with the “IF function” of the set of Gsheet stacks - showing or not showing sets of data depending on a criterium.
Played around with it for a while but could not get the results I wanted to.
Have to invest more time I think - called learning curve.

I used TCMS for a similar build a couple of years ago for a humane society. The downside is the licensing cost, but by using a mix of tags, categories and multiple blogs you can pretty easily create what your looking to do and have it be pretty seamless and easy for the client. (They were all volunteers with little computer know how.)

I can’t share it as they got a new director beginning of this year who decided he wanted to build his own GoDaddy powered garbage-fest. But I could send you a sample project when I’m back from vacation to show you how it’s done.

Thank you @SanityBox, worked a little bit with Easy CMS - so a sample project would be most welcome.
No hurry though - enjoy your vacation!