CMD *&%&* s

Can I hire someone to yell CMD+S at me every five minutes?

Wrote out a ton of content and then fiddling around with menu settings and the undo function and it all got lost. Oy. Don’t know why I’m bothering you all with this development but here we are.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’ve lost a bunch of work by not saving?
  • Swear your favourite swear
  • Punch something
  • Drink something
  • Self-flagellation
  • Forum Rant
  • Never happens, I’m better than that

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Don’t forget, sometimes it says it’s saving, but isn’t!

Life is a throw of that dice!


I feel your pain (and mine at times). Been there. I typically save before I publish every time, as that seemed to be a problem time for me. Other times, I could move a stack and CRASH. When RW8 came out there were a lot of crashes, not so much anymore, maybe once a month. I wish there was an autosave option and I would use it, though others may choose not to. Other apps have that feature available.