Collecting emails

I’ve got a request about setting up a pop-up form that collects an email in exchange for something (in this case a coupon/deal on future services).

Setting aside the consent / privacy laws for a moment, what are the optics behind this? I think this is what Post Office can do? And then where/how all those emails managed?

Or is this a job for Mailchimp?

PO might be able to do it, I’ve not used it in a while, but Sendy certainly can. You just set up an autoresponder that sends out the voucher/discount/whatever once the signup is complete.

I have the exact thing setup on Template Repo: People sign up to the newsletter and get sent freebie projects.

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I use Sitelok from Vibralogix for something very similar. A membership contact form on the site that emails me for confirmation and adds the applicant details to the Sitelok SQL database, plus an an auto acknowledgement email to the applicant. When I click on the ‘approve’ link in the email I get, it sends membership details to the applicant.

I use this two-stage process to manually filter out the spam applications, but you might not need this manual intervention.

Of course, Sitelok can do much more than just forms and the price is very reasonable and the support excellent.

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