Conditional Content in RapidWeaver [Review]

Get relevant information to your users by displaying content in response to a visitor’s input. If this sounds like AI, don’t get too excited. RW can’t yet predict what your customer is going to type, but you can; and with Text Detect from 1LD, you can provide targeted information to specific visitors. Text Detect is a stack that can conditionally display additional content on a web page, based on the words or phrases that a user type into fields. You could provide targeted information for sales, support, or even provide additional fields or links to select users.

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I find this a somewhat perplexing solution and perhaps it’s just me, but I can’t think of a situation where this would be a better solution than an array of clear text links or buttons with a facility to drill down into sub lists if there are many types of content.

Without good intelligence, i.e. good spelling correction and optional word suggestions (for your language), these type of systems don’t work well for many applications. The user has to know and spell what they are looking for and there is a lost opportunity to list other stuff that the visitor may not be aware of.

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