Consistancy when deleting a "text" stack. (S4 related I think)

Why, when I click the little “x” top left of text stacks do they sometimes disappear (expected behaviour) and sometimes remain but with their default content?

This has been happening for me for ages, I think it started after S4 came along.

It might be a handy feature, to revert a text-based stack back to the default content, but it’s not consistent. Sometimes the stack is removed, sometimes the content reverted.

Or, am I doing something wrong?

Same here. I’d prefer it if they were just removed when clicking the x.

It was happening with me last night, but I don’t remember it before. Maybe it was more noticeable because I was re-working 19 pages and was changing lots of text.

I have noticed this happening for some time. While it is mildly annoying, it is at worst just a further mouse click to deal with the issue.

There are far more annoying things about using RW.

Same here. Annoying. I’d rather make it go away at first click.

If i recall, this issue was addressed by Isaiah on the other forum few months ago. I did not get the logic behind his explanation.