Contact form in Source page

I just started using Source and love it.

Now I need to make a contact form. Any suggestion for a suitable stack?

HI @tgr

Great to hear that you are enjoying Source :)

I tend to recommend @doobox’s contact form. Meets most needs I think - certainly in terms of a simple form.

I do plan on building up a list of recommended third-party stacks - ones that work well with Source and that are nice and lightweight / efficient etc too.

If anyone has used other forms with Source please share here.


Yes, the contact form stack from @doobox seems to be great for my need.

Thanks :)

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Hejsan Yes I is using Formsnap 3 in a Source based page. Everything works very well, except when the form is executed and the “Success” modal appears, it wont go away again and one has to reload the page to make it go away, I have overcome this by redirecting the user to a “Success” or “Error” page, with a timed redirect back to the formpage (and off course also links to where ever the user wants to go) . A bit cumbersome, but it is ok. I already made the developer aware of this so I am sure they will find a fix for it eventually.

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Hei Kent. I also noticed that Formsnap 3 was just released. For my current need, @doobox would have been sufficient, but after some deliberation, I finally went for Formsnap 3.

Will do some proper testing the next few days, but it but from what I have seen so far, it looks promising.

Did Formsnap get an update to fix this issue, that you know of?

I think they decided to remove the modal - the new formsnap stacks does not have this problem - there the modal is working fine

Good to know. Thanks

Doobox contact form has always been my go to stack but I use his Mail To stack instead now.
Had several people complaining that their contact form responses went straight to junk mail folder.
This Mail To stack gets around this problem as it produces an email instead. I replaced all forms to these on about 15 sites. no more complaints from anyone.

Anyone tried Formloom 3 or 4?