Container Plus... WTF?

I noticed a Container Plus update the other day, didn’t think much of it. However have just updated a project using the stack (Most of my UIkit3 projects use the stack) and getting this on every instance of the stack on every page of every project (at least the ones I’ve looked at).

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 08.37.43

What’s it all about? Not sure if this is isolated to me, or a wider issue? I have a backlog of updates now that can’t be performed because of this. Can I either get a fix or a rollback stack asap.


Panic (for me) over as I’ve realised I have the older version backed up so have been able to roll back. But what is this all about?

If edit / endif are statements for Stack developers to control what’s visible in edit mode, etc.

Hi @steveb,

I can’t seem to reproduce the error here, as far of the %[if edit]% %[endif]% displaying above and below the UIKit3 required banner. Which should read “Container Plus requires the UIkit3…”, which I will make it more clear.

Can you PM me the your stack and a small project showing the error, before I upload the version with the corrected banner? I’d like to get it all fixed today.



HI, the theme and the UIkit3 customiser stack is on the page, as per norm, so it’s not the wording that is the issue, but that it can’t seem to “see” the customiser stack. Rolling back to the older version worked.

I’ve been in the office since 6am, same all week, I’m busted now so I’m heading off. I’ll look at the new versions you sent me over the weekend.


I emailed a version to test. Did you get it?

Hi @steveb,

I haven’t been able to reproduce the error on my end. I even installed v1.0 of Container Plus, on a new test project , gave it some settings and saved the project. Then, opened another project that do not use Container Plus, updated CP from within RW, once the new was installed, I reopened the test project, and everything looked correct. Could you send a project showing the error. That would be helpful.



I’m at my desk in the morning, will sort things then.

Hi Steve,

Are things sorted out? Did you try the version I sent via email?
I need to know if there are still any issues that need fixing.



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Damn, sorry, forgot about this.

I rolled back and did the update again and it’s working fine. So putting it down to a bad update.


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Great thanks, I just couldn’t reproduce the error. Good to know.