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Hi, I am a bit clueless about cookies, I am trying to use cookie stacks for user compliance but I don’t know how to get the cookie codes to set them in the cookie stacks, thanks for any help.

hello, what stack do you use to manage cookies?

ciao, che stack usi per gestire i cookie?

I am using Cookie Jar.

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RAINCHECK set to CookieJar

if the cookie is deactivated and the content is not seen, enter this script to indicate that they must activate the cookie

insert in each cookie activation button (which has the activation class), to refresh the page and remove the script

Thank you Gianluca, I am using Cookie Jar V3. I don’t know where to find the cookies or how to get the code needed to set them in the Stack. Does it make it automatically or do I have to get that code one by one?

I am afraid I know very little about coding.

What’s Raincheck, by the way?

for Google Analytics cookies, (if your country allows you to use them, for example in Italy it is not possible), you can find the script in your Google Analytics account.

in the case of video cookies (vimeo or youtube) just insert a video reading stack in raincheck (Will has both of them free on his site stacks4stacks, vimeo and youtube).

in the case of disqus comments, you need to insert the script (which you will find in your disqus account) in the cookiejar stack, as you see in the first image, click and paste the code.

remember that each cookie jar you insert will have its own ID, with the relative classes inside that you will have to insert in the buttons to accept or refuse (last image).

Raincheck is a container that works with cookie jars, giving raincheck the same id as cookiejar , the content will display, accepting or rejecting buttons (in which you put the same accept/reject classes).

-sorry my english, i use translato—