Cookie Jar 3: multiple instances

Has anyone purchased Cookie Jar 3 and can they help me?
I can’t understand how multiple instances and classes work, unfortunately the demo is built with F6, which I don’t own, all yellow triangles are displayed and nothing is understood.
I only need a few screenshots of the buttons and instances with classes, just to understand how it works.
Thank you

I asked for help in the but from how I understand (indeed I think I understand) I have to buy F6 to open the demo (?).
Or wait for it to post videos in the near future?
(honestly with the videos of Joe nin I never understood anything).

PS. I also like source for that, simplicity and a clear online help / manual

Hi, CJ 3 is not really compliant as you can not list the used cookies and select/unselect them on a single basis. Go for the Privacy Center Privacy Center if you need a compliant and easy, good documented solution.

Yes, I use privacy Center.
Coockie jar I needed for a combination with Raincheck in some pages of a website, above all I am interested in the fact of multiple instances and classes that should be provided, but which I, not having F6, do not see.

Ah then I am of no help here, sorry.

I helped you on your post on my community.

First let me preface this that Privacy Center is a great stack that gives a crazy amount of fine grained control. I even gave it a shout out on my live stream this week.

I am willing to be wrong here but I disagree with your statement. Cookie Jar’s approach is to be a simpler approach to solve this problem and also give you as the designer more freedom to design the cookie disclaimers how you see fit.

By default CJ3 allows you to create a single interface to accept/decline all cookies. I am not aware of a law that states that you have to allow visitors to turn on/off every possible service on a website. You have to list out each, I agree. To my knowledge, it would be sufficient enough to link to a privacy policy that lists out each cookie. I am happy to be re-educated on that though.

In the CJ3.1 update (the topic of this very post), I added the ability to manage services individually. You can built the UI to be anything that you want. Here is an example that comes in the demo file.

CJ3’s integrations with both Raincheck and oEmbed make it a pretty intriguing solution.


It is a German thing where the DSGVO laws are interpreted quite strict and therefore you may not need it in other countries, I agree. And great to see it works with Cookie Jar :-)


I made a video with an overview of how this feature works.


Thank you

Cookie Jar 3 has multi-facet privacy, what means that you can build your own set of rules so it complies with your country’s regulations. i.e. the necessary cookies, the analytics cookies and marketing cookies can all be accepted/dismissed independent from one another. You can even makeup a fourth of even fifth category.

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Accept All: cookiejar-accept-all
it does not work
does not recognize the class

updating the stack the problem arose.

Fixed: I downloaded and installed the stack from the new one, now everything works perfectly.