Cookie warning that "pushes" the page content up, not floats over it?

The standard RW cookie warning thing floats over the content, but I want to switch to one that appears a the foot of the page, but pushes the content up, opposed to floats over it. Then, when clicked disappears.

I’ve now moved away from having a proper cookie warning, inline with GDPR, as absolutely no one else (from small site to the BBC) bothers to do it the right way, so I no longer bother.

I’d like for this new style of cookie warning to appear once per session, or better still, just once based on a cookie (oh the irony!), I’m pretty sure @tav Section Pro can do this? But, what I’m not sure about is how to have it stick to the bottom of the screen and push the content up, with a button that dismisses it and plants the cookie.

Thinking Chroma needs to be in there somewhere, but hoping someone else has already put together a solution and can give me some pointers?


C**e will do it without using cookies.

I’m not sure what you mean by fixed to the bottom but pushing content up? That would infer it is just at the bottom of the page. If you mean that it does this at some point within the flow of the document that happens to be at the bottom of the screen at a given size then it doesn’t really make any sense as to how it would work.

I mean sticky at the bottom of the screen, all the time, not floating over the content, but “pushing” the content up, but when the dismiss button is clicked it disappears never to be seen again (or until cookies are cleared).

It is the pushing content up that I don’t understand, not floating.

How can something be stuck to the bottom without floating over the page unless you completely restructure the page in what would be effectively 2 stacked columns with the bottom one fixed.
That is a huge change in order to just give an effective margin which would not even be visible if the cookie warning was opaque.
Sorry, I just don’t get it.

No idea.

I don’t have the answers, just the question.

Are you saying this can’t be done?

Are you admitting defeat that easily?

You’ve changed.

I’m not saying anything can’t be done. I just don’t know what on Earth you mean.

Do you see it being visible at all times or just when the user gets to the bottom?

Again, unless the cookie warning is semi transparent there is no point to this discussion as you would not see the difference between floating and a bottom fixed div in the flow of the page

Well, OK, I admit, that now I sit and think about it, what I’m asking for is a bit of an impossibility, and doesn’t really follow logic.

Maybe, just maybe, I need to rethink.

EDIT: And maybe have some more coffee.

That is not my point - I don’t know exactly what you are asking for.

Pushing up content - DEFINE?

No, nor me now.

Anyway, the weather, it’s shit ain’t it? Been out on the bike much? Beer, isn’t beer great?

Here is a page where there are 2 divs (like a stacked column if you like)

The bottom one is NOT floating, it is taking up the bottom 80px of the page.

The top one is sat above it and is not passing under it - i.e. pushed up. You can see this as I’ve made the footer transparent and you can see nothing going under it.

The point is - if the footer were not semi transparent could you tell the difference between this and a layout where the footer was floated and the bottom bit of content went under it? (Hint the answer is no).


I’m getting it straight in my head what I’m trying to achieve. Once that mess is sorted out (could take a while!), I’ll be back to you!

To backtrack though… Yes, the notion is pushing up is daft, as it just can’t happen. That’s just me being thick and not thinking things thru! But, I do kinda know what I mean, I just need to work it out completely in my head, then explain.

I’m away to the spin bike, back with another instalment soon :-)

BTW- “Odd” is a compliment in my book.

Enjoy - b.t.w I completely agree about the cookie warning. No one else in the world (inc the German federal govt site) does the weird janky double loading thing. It just looks terrible.

I know, and it’s fucking annoying. But there you go.

Every single site that I can think of loads the cookies without permission, then tells you about them. Some give you the option to decline, but by then it’s too late, they are loaded.

The double load thing is a mess, but it is the only way (that I can think of) to actually do it correctly. But is reality there is no need to do it correctly, so it’s pointless trying now.

OK, I know now what I need!

First off, the reason…

I reckon quite often people don’t dismiss cookie warnings, they just leave them there, I reckon they are so common now they’ve just become white noice that people have gotten used to “not seeing”. Also possible that they think by not clicking “continue” no cookies will be loaded.

This is fine, you just make then a bit narrower, so that if people do leave them in place they are not too obtrusive. Except, in this case, then they get to the bottom of the page the cookie warning covers the sub-footer. Which on my sites is the link to the terms and policies pages and the “made by” link.


A panel that sticks to the bottom of the page (say 20px deep) plus a blank panel that sits at the very foot of the page. So if they don’t dismiss the cookie warning and scroll to the bottom, the sub-footer isn’t partially hidden behind the warning.

If they do click the Continue button in the warning, the warning AND the panel at the very bottom of the page disappear.

Make sense?

Perfect sense.

We just need equal padding at the bottom of the body which is removed when they click to close the bottom stuck warning.

Removing padding when closing the sticky bottom seems like the right combination :)

Bingo :-)