Cookies and GDPR

Leading on from the Bootstrap thread, several comments on GDPR made me think.
The only possible advantage of living in pitiful little england right now ( I cannot think of any others) is that I don’t have to think seriously about GDPR, but it is time that I took this seriously as many of my site viewers are European.

Are there suggestions for providing cookie controls in Source and other RW projects that will bring sites fully into compliance with European GDPR regs please? I’m not using google, but some pages have fb messenger and all have statcounter that will serve up cookies.

OK, search first!

@kennerty makes an excellent looking Privacy Centre plugin:


Of course, there is also the first comprehensive solution for RW: MiniCookie from Will Woodgate.


I know all the stacks concerning the respect of cookie laws and, in my opinion, the best one both for functionality and simplicity is Cookie Jar, now at version 3:

  • just insert a CookieJar instance for each section of cookies, scripts and anything you want to require consent.
  • at each instance insert the respective classes, you decide the name of the class, to cancel, or accept, or decline, or discard. Example for comments and social networks (cookiejar-social-accept, cookiejar-social-decline, cookiejar-social-clear etc.), for youtube and vimeo videos (cookiejar-video-accept, cookiejar-video-decline etc.).
  • you can use the buttons you want (I use the best ones, those from Source :) ), just insert the classes to accept, decline, etc. in the space of the CSS Classes button, or in custom attributes (name:class) (value: cookiejar-video-accept).
  • a modal at the page entry with these buttons, in the modal insert the content class (for example I put cookiejar-video-content and cookiejar-social-content) in such a way as to make the modal disappear once the classes are applied .
  • the very useful Raincheck (to be purchased separately) which by inserting the cookiejar instance ID is able to display or not, accepting or declining, the stacks inside Raincheck.

Unfortunately, I’ve been asking @joeworkman for a long time to make a Raincheck update that can display, in case the content is hidden, something that can allow the cookie to be re-enabled via the stack, or otherwise it is not clear, for example, if there is in that place is it a video or does nothing exist.
I explain better, Raincheck with two drop stacks, if true the content of Raincheck will be displayed (for example an image), if false the content inserted in the other stack will be displayed (for example a text that says to enable cookies to display the image.
Unfortunately, still nothing to date.

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It’s the best one out there, and the developer is really friendly and helpful if you get stuck.


You would think that not living in the EU enables you to point and laugh from a distance at all those pedantic laws like the GDPR… but no.

Even in Blighty you’re bound to the GDPR if your site caters to European visitors or if your (client’s) company does business in Europe.

That’s why even American sites display a GDPR compliancy warning if they detect that the user is from the EU, and why some American sites have simply set up geofencing to make sure EU citizens don’t use their services (this way, they don’t have to make sure their website complies).

Having said that, from a consumer’s point of view, the GDPR is a godsent. And as I’m a consumer for most hours of the day, I applaud it :)

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Don’t blame me for a bunch of doddery old conservative b’stards who think little england has anything to offer the world except greed (I am only member of my family who does not / cannot hold an EU passport 😫).

You may gather I’m a little sensitive about my corruption country and very Pro-EU ☺️

GDPR is a great idea, but in practice and for all the fuss, it doesn’t work nearly as well as it should. Despite every possible precaution, faceache still tries to sell me products that I browsed on Duckduck go earlier in the day (and cleared data afterwards). Or instagram ‘hears’ me talking of niche insurance (despite microphone access being disabled) and then offers me that same insurance the next day.

The idea is good, but the reality could be better.

My own and client sites are internally UK targeted, but I am keen to make them compliant.

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As long as some countries (mainly America) do not have strict privacy laws, GDPR alone will have a very limited effect on such digital gangsters as Google, Meta or Twitter. They will continue private info harvesting because there is too much money to be made for them to voluntarily give it up.

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We have exactly the same GDPR laws as the rest of Europe, we implemented them into “new” UK law last year but they’re the same as they would have been without the b word.

Theoretically. Fb, google and the rest know there isn’t a cat’s chance in hell of being prosecuted here, especially if they make the odd political donation.
Ref the ‘B’ word, you clearly never watched Rik Mayall and the Young Ones? It looks as though I may have added a extra s though

I think @tav meant the B word that refers to the phenomenon that caused all of this, not the B word that refers to the people that plastered busses with misinformation ;)


😂 Oh dear, I’m trying to multi-task again! Always my problem at school #mustconcentrate

Completely random comment: has anyone else tried IA Presenter (from the folk who make the wonderful IA Writer markdown tool)? An amazing was to ‘tell the story’ of a presentation.

I watched every episode, top telly. Vyvyan’s phantom pregnancy that turned out to be just a fart is a superb metaphor for so much to do with RW. :)


Ah you mean that other “B” word, that Rik Mayall’s character in The New Statesman used a lot.
Oh wait a minute, that’s another “B” word, the one starting with the name of a certain color!


This is all getting really cryptic and it makes me mis Rik and Ade :'(


Ade is still around.

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Loving this - easy to tell we’re all of a similar generation :)

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Well yes, but I meant I miss Rik and Abe, as in the duo, which we’ll not see again.

With all respect to Ade, who’s solo work is wonderful too.

But I’m a sentimental one. I also miss Trev and Simon and Gordon the Gopher and Ed the Duck and I’m not even British. I just grew up watching Sky and the BBC :)


Alexei Sayle in the cupboard! Neil “We plant the seed, nature grows the seed, we eat the seed” and Viviene “Have we got a video?” tiptoptastic telly!

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With the latest Raincheck update, i.e. version 1.3,
@joeworkman has provided us with the ultimate solution for creating a Cookie Banner:
Cookie Jar v3 + Raincheck v1.3

Thanks Joe, you did a great, great job

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