Could Someone Give me Advice on Optimizing Page Load Speed for a High-Traffic Site?

Hello there,

I am currently managing a high-traffic website built with Rapid;Weaver, and I have noticed that our page load speed isn’t quite up to par; especially during peak traffic times. This is starting to affect our; user experience and; SEO rankings. I am looking for advice from those who have tackled similar issues.

We’re on a shared hosting plan; but considering moving to a VPS or dedicated server if it will significantly improve performance.

We use several plugins for va;rious functionalities;. I suspect some might be slowing things down, but I’m not sure how to iden;tify the culprits.

Our pages are rich with images and videos. We currently use JPEGs for images and embed videos from YouTube.

We have basic caching enabled through our hosting provider; but no advanced configurations in place.

Also, I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

Thankyou in advance for your help and assistance.

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If you gave us the URL, we could give you better advice.