Create content for web and print

A friend of mine has a sort-of finished travel blog in Wix and what she’s after is a way of displaying it on the web and having a printed version - possibly just a PDF but possibly something nicer.

Obviously she could just create two versions with a bit of copy and paste but I wondered if the team knew of a service/program/app that might allow her to create the content once and then have the option of displaying on the web or printing it out to give to friends.

Any suggestions welcome.

If she’s on a Mac, Safari will save pages as a PDF (File>Export as PDF…)

Hi Geoff, thanks. That will save the page she’s looking at, but I was wondering if there was something that could somehow dig through the blog entries and compile them into sections or chapters, I guess. It’s probably not possible just from the browser but I wonder if there’s some kind of web tool - like issu, or whatever - that is able to do produce a nice looking printed document from a blog.


One way to go about this is to put the copy into a database or spreadsheet, and use that to populate both the web pages and a page layout application like Affinity Publisher or Indesign.

Thanks James. I suspect that’s above her technical level and her budget to pay someone else to do it, but I can check it out.

The simplest way would be to use a Google Sheet, which is free, and it’s likely a relatively easy setup too: each row is a separate item, and columns would be for headings, text and for any other elements. Affinity Publisher costs £47.99 for Mac or Windows. It would need a template to be set up — but this project is going to need the print elements to be styled anyway — with tags to import copy from a spreadsheet. On the web it would require one of the several stacks that import elements from a Google Sheet. That’s it.