Creating a 'table of contents' with Easy CMS

I’ve got a client who’d like to produce a series of downloadable PDFs with a text description of each.

That’s straightforward enough, but over time the list will grow and I was wondering if there might be a nifty way to allow her to create a table of contents so that in a few years’ time, instead of having to scroll through 20 downloads/descriptions, visitors could just click on a link and jump straight to PDF 10, PDF 15 or whatever.

I want to stay within Easy CMS for this but am happy to use other stacks to achieve the effect.



JumpStack can generate a clickable table of contents, based on headings within itself. Not sure if that would work with Easy CMS or comes close to what you are wanting?

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Interesting. Thanks Will. I’ll take a look at the demo.


Have you looked at Weaviums Gsheet? Works off a Goole Sheets, or other, CSV file, so the client could create the document and maintain it. Demos at

I did think about that Gary, thanks, but I’m keen to keep it to Easy CMS if possible. The client isn’t very technical and is already confused by the different login/password setups we’ve had to put together to allow content editing, file uploads and running a forum. I’d rather not introduce another one if I can help it.

Otherwise, I think it could be a great solution.



@rob.beattie I have no idea if the Jump stack works with Easy CMS, but if it does then it’s a great solution. I actually think of it as the “TOC Stack” because that’s how I use it 90% of the time. Very easy to implement.

I’ve no idea if Google allow it but if you were to iFrame/LimeLight the GoogleSheet into an EasyCMS admin page then ‘theoretically’ you could edit it’s contents from within the site and have its results displayed via Gsheet on the public page(s)

Well that sounds bonkers enough to work, but would still introduce an extra ‘pathway’ (i.e. Google) into the mix. I think if I was going to go that route I’d be looking at GSheets. Or even the Charts stack.

Thanks though.

Yea, the new GSheet stack to display the contents of the GoogleSheet on the content pages and the GoogleSheet in its A1,A2,A3 std layout embedded on the admin page.
The/your user would login to their EasyCMS admin page like normal and along with the std content they could edit there would also be the GoogleSheet table that they could add/edit.
As I said it theoretically should work … if Google allows such things.

Would make more sense to me to just use Google Sheets to edit a table for the PDF links and description. Many users are familiar with tables and spreadsheets and the Google Sheets mobile App is a breeze to use.

Thanks for the suggestion Will. I think this is going to work really nicely. I’ll run it past the client but I think it ticks every box.


Had a bit of time and remembered to try this out.
Here’s a Google sheet embedded in a Stacks page with Limelight that can be edited without the user opening a new tab etc.

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I’ve got a version almost working that I think the client will like using EasyCMS and Will’s Jump stack. Just got an issue with formatting in the EasyCMS editor where the Text size button doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Once I’ve cracked that I think it’ll work quite smoothly.