Creating pages with Colour Options- Advice Please


I want to create pages where clients can click on a colour sample and it results in a corresponding image change to reflect this.,
In the past I have used two instances of JW’s Moving Box stack to achieve this:

In a similar vein I want to add pages that have a lot of sample fabrics that have a light-box for greater detail.
In the past I have used the Foundation Block Grid stack with the Reveal Lightbox:

However in both cases I feel I am pushing both RW and Stacks to the limit.
As the pages get heavily populated with stacks the response time of adding further items is becoming limiting.

For our lighting I want to duplicate the following type of page:

If you scroll down a little you can see that there are 28 finishes and clicking on each colour changes the lamp colour.
If I did this with two moving Box stacks it would be like working in treacle after the colour pallet was built, even assuming I could format it to look like something similar.

I would be interested in anyone’s approach to doing this type of thing in RW.

  1. Displaying dozens (and dozens) of small samples that open in a light box.
  2. Displaying samples that then change another element on the page accordingly.