Creation of a intermediate reference of available add ons for Rapidweaver


So as we cannot access the database of all Rapidweaver Add Ons, would it not be good to have an intermediate reference page for all of the existing Add Ons?

And how would it be possible to make such a list?

It could simply be a list of the various developer’s websites so that people can check those websites for the add-on they need.

Better would of course be a list of all available add-ons as we are used to.

I am starting to feel an urgency for the upcoming Stacks App so that we can get rid of all of those half-mad decisions that affect us, the customers, in this Rapidweaver Circus.

With all the excellent Stacks and super excellent “Frameworks” that are available to general web designers and -bureaus, I am pretty sure there is a bright future for Stack App. If the marketing of it is implemented properly, of course, there needs to be a certain amount of economic power to implement such a marketing campaign for said Stack App. How that will be realized I don’t know. But I am certainly willing to make a donation towards such a campaign so that we can maintain our developer’s livelihood. Instead of this direct sabotage of a very excellent product, whether that be purposely done, or it happened due to hot brains.

Hej, Kent,

Would you believe me if I said I have never ever used RW’s marketplace to get my add-ons – even when it was working OK? So, I don’t miss all those 1500 add-ons that disappeared from there. I wasn’t even aware of the disappearance, until I read that thread on the forum.

I find it a much better strategy to stick to a handful of best developers and visit their sites directly. Simple bookmarks work for me perfectly.

Yes of course, if you say so :-) Still, many that do not have those developers’ websites stored, have no clue about how many add-ons are available. I am mostly concerned with our developers quitting the Rapidweaver scene due to all this messy stuff that is going on. For them, it is kind of crucial that their add-ons can be found easily.
As it is now, many the most major developers are not to be found in the new “shiny” add-on marketplace. I do not care about that shiny new look, I just want people (and myself) to be able to easily find what they need in terms of searching for a particular add-on or function.

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