Currency exchange

Is there anything out there that can convert a figure into another currency based on an interbank rate?

So, for example, I display an item for 3 Euro and in brackets next to it create a link that displays the current equivalent dollar or pound cost of 3 Euro?

I have not seen a Stacks solution for this, but this free Wordpress one at is Open Source so might be worth looking into how it works.


Thanks Gary and Jannis.

@Jannis I just got around to this - I can’t get it to show in RW. I’m pasting into a HTML stack. Do you think it needs to be published to the server? I havent got to organising the server for this project yet.

As you have to enter your domain there, it is possible it also has to be published on that domain to be working.

Thought so too, Will try in a few days when I’ve got the server running. Cheers