Datably and Mariadb

Hej I did not know about this stack, Datably, I am wondering if it deals with MariaDB?

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Maybe you could provide us with a link to this stack…? ;-) Never heard of it before.

Yes I also never heard about it before. I think it is made by the developer of Platform.

Oh and I see the link provide me with the answer to my question… my goodness… :-) or should I say meine Güte

Na, da schau her… ;-) Thanks for the link. I also found the “Gatekeeper” stack there:
Why isn’t this stuff marketed anywhere…?

Ah, I see: when clicking on the Buy-buttons nothing happens. So maybe it’s simply not ready for sale yet.

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Jürgen - isn’t it available for sale now?

Last I read it’s not being released until the documentation was complete and thorough testing was done.

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we are still in the beta test phase for Datably, that’s why the Buy-buttons don’t work yet. The documentation was published mainly for some interested people and the beta testers.

Datably works with MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite3 and PostgreSQL.

And just to clarify - yes it is made by the developers of Platform but Datably is completely framework agnostic.

I will provide an update once it’s ready for sale.

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The product - Datably - is available now. You can see the announcement here:


Really nice, thank you :-)

Really easy to use. I have already set up a test on one of my working sites, it is a Source page. But I cannot get it to write changes I am attempting to do. I can also not get it to delete an entry. Possible because, according to the documentation, one need to " Complete your project data under “Settings —> General”, particularly the field “Web Address”.
This field must contain the address from which your CRUD page will be reachable. Otherwise Preview and other related features will not work!" But i am not able to understand what I need to do here.
Do I need to type the whole path to the page I have the datably stacks into this? And if so, do this not affect the entire site? It could maybe also be due to I have this page password protected?

It could be that the database user doesn’t have the right permission, specifically the hostname. These examples have the same user with the same password but will have different outcomes:
‘user’@‘’ — only allowed access from one specific IP address
‘user’@‘localhost’ — only allowed from same machines
‘user’@’%’ — wildcard, all hosts allowed.

Sometimes ‘localhost’ should work but still doesn’t. I had one case and solved it by using ‘’ (weird but true).


Hi Kent,

just enter the complete URL to your site (not the particular page). It’s also explained in the Datably video on YouTube: Link directly to the relevant time
I you still have trouble, please send me the link to your test page and I will try to debug it.
However, if you already get your data displayed, I assume that there might be a permissions issue on the database itself, just as @Konfuzzious says above.



Thank you, I think I will set it up on a seperate page for it self. If I still have problems, I will be very happy if you take a look.

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So with the help of the developer I got Datably to work perfectly. It was simply a matter of me using a date and time stamp as primary key, there was an empty gab between the date and the time that was confusing. So insted now I am using a self incrementing column as the primary key, which is also proper :-) I must say, I have got this to work without using the instruction and also with only watching a few minutes of the instruction video. I was just so excited about this new opportunity that I could not wait to test it out. Now that my tiny mind is satisfied that it works perfectly, I will go through the manual and video. big thanks to the developer for closing this gab in the abilities with Rapidweaver, and also a congratulation for making such a user friendly stack.


And it works perfectly within Source :-) only remember to activate the basic styling of forms and tables in the Source settings. Skærmbillede 2021-07-16 kl. 13.29.16


Great to read you have it working Kent. It’s really easy and one gets pretty quick the desired results, right?
Not even to mention the outstanding support from Jay!

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Datably maintenance release 1.0.1 has been released yesterday.

The updates are:

  • Implemented a fix for web servers with missing PATH_INFO, such as 1&1
  • Implemented the “limit” parameter which limits the number of returned records to the given value; a value of 0 stands for “no limit”
  • Link Stack: Created a drop-down for “Target” with the standard values from the HTML specification

Hi Juergen

@juergenbarth Is there way to use arrays for selecting input values from value lists or other tables in the database? Do you plan to introduce that? Would be great for keeping data input coherent.