Dates for 2019 Live Support Workshops


Thank you for the session, today!


Really sorry (and fed up with myself as I forgot!!) I was late today.

But looking forward to being able to attend 2 a week!!! The joys of living in GMT!

Thanks Marten and great to see you all today! (eventually lol)


Thank you all, looking forward to Tuesday webinars


Had two great sessions with @Marten this week, one in the west (of the world) and one in the east!!

And much to our surprise, guess who popped in - @tav - Andrew - Big White Duck. This is the second time Andrew has turned up unexpectedly and what a treat when he does (Sorry Andrew - I’ll finish praise heeping soon!!)

Its really great to talk to the actual developer himself about his stacks - many cries of “Oh that’s how it works” and “Oh I didn’t know that”

Thanks ever so much, Tav. Your drop ins are really MOST appreciated!!!

Oh and of course, even when we don’t have the stack genius we still have the design genius to keep us happy!!!

Thanks both!!


I was invited by @Marten, I’m not a stacks stalker!

Always a pleasure to help, that is the only reason that I am involved.

Not at all. Only 79.5/159 involved in stacks.

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Forgot to mention to the group - I am away basking on a South Pacific Island for the next 2 weeks sessions. So not ignoring you all, just having some fun.