Deleting unused stacks

I have various stacks that I have never used and almost certainly never will, so I figured I may as well delete them. I am still using RW 7 with Stacks 3.6.9 and I can click to reveal these stacks in the finder but wondered if there is a different correct way to delete them fully?

EDIT: I just deleted them that way and they seem to be gone. Actually I think a good spring clean here would be helpful.

That way should work fine. I thought if you right-click on the stack from within RapidWeaver there is an option to remove? I’m not at a Mac now so can’t check.

That’s what I expected but I had actually selected multiple stacks and that option didn’t exist. Now clicking on one at a time the uninstall option does exist. Very oddly it is greyed out for some stacks and not others.

Options are grayed out when the stack is a child of another stack – like the single Foundation.stack file contains dozens of other stacks within.

Thanks for the clarification.

I always ‘reveal in Finder’ then copy them into a folder called ‘Old Stacks RWx’, then delete the original.

Leave it a year and if I haven’t come across a site that uses some old forgotten stack (Ultimate Gallery, anyone) and then it’s safe to completely remove.

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I just disable the stacks from loading in the preferences…


This works only in stacks 4. He has stacks 3.6

Thanks, I overlooked that. Sorry.

I am only using RW to maintain a couple old sites with occasional tweaks at this point, so I have stuck with the older versions of Stacks and RW.