Details on latest Repository 2 update

In the release note, there is mention of an improved integration with Sitelok. I am currently adding a Repository page with Sitelok authentication, so I am very interested in the details of this update.


Maybe you mix up with Poster 2 release notes?

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Since it was about sitelok, I supposed it was about security, hence the repository assumption. Since I am using the repo for Poster 2, I am still interested!

Good update


There was a bug in certain cases, where Poster 2 and Sitelok was installed on the same page. Nothing related to Repository 2.

@Jannis , could you elaborate a bit on the new cookie stack, please?

Simplyfied version of a cookie checker Stack able to be used inside Poster Stack, where others would break because of their PHP usage.

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Thanks, Jannis

Hi Jannis , now a stack would also be useful to create the cookie in poster2.

No, you have to do this outside of Poster stack.

👍 ok