Differences between UserAccess stack(inStacks) and PageSafe (Joe Workman)

Hi Everyone (especially Jannis :) I’m wondering if there are big differences between the stacks mentioned above. The both secure and insecure pages (and their subpages) outside of being able to add specific users to the user access stack, do they do about the same? Long time sporadic RW user, so still a bit of a newb :)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mark,
I never used pagesafe. Maybe @wolf knows.

I use PageSafe from Joe Workman.

  • You apply it to every page you want to protect. If the pages have the same ID then they unock with the one password until you log out.
  • You can have muliple passwords for a PageSafe protected page and you can manage those passwords using Joe’s Total CMS if you need to.
  • You can have multiple pages protected by PageSafe, each with a different password if you need that option.
  • You can set PageSafe to log out automatically after a set period of time.

For more complcated scenarios - a 200 or so member site - with an online registration page, acknowledgement emails after registration, remorte registration approval, management of the member database etc - I use Sitelok from Vibralogix.

I’ve never used the inStacks stack, so I can’t comment on that

I’ve used (use) all three, Pagesafe, UserAccess and Sitelok.

I’d say UserAccess sits somewhere between Pagesafe and Sitelok in terms of functionality and ease of setup.

Pagesafe is super easy: Drag, drop, add password, done. You can do a bit more than that with it, but it’s essentially an easy to use password protect solution.

Sitelok is the daddy of all password members systems. Incredibly powerful but not exactly drag and drop. I use it for the members section of Template Repo: Free to join members area.

UserAccess sits between the two, albeit it a lot closer to Pagesafe than Sitelok. It’s way more than a password protect system, but not as feature rich as Sitelok.

If I need to protect a page, or a collection of pages with a simple password: Pagesafe.
If I need to setup a members section with online sign-ups and registration and full members management for a lot of members: Sitelok.
For everything else, UserAccess.


Well said 😄👍

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Just to mention UserAccess is a one time purchase for unlimited domains.

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Ha…, just realized that the “Useragent” stack @Jannis and @TemplateRepo are talking about must be the UserAccess stack, right? ;-)

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Thanks, typo corrected.

D’oh! Me too.

Also, PageSafe is a one-time purchase for unlimited sites and domains :)

But not Sitelok.

Obviously UserAccess Stack will gain more functionality in the future.


Cool- can’t wait! Thanks for everyone’s help!

Sitelok has a ton of features and extensions. One domain is $39.95 and an extra full domain is $19.95
As a very helpful integration tool, Joe from weavers.space developed a set of stacks for Sitelok.