Disable menu item

Hejsan, I remember that there is a way to disable a menu item, so that only submenus are active links. But I have forgotten how to. Any one that can help?

Kind Regards


I think that depends on the menu stack you are using.

It is the built in rapidweaver menu

You can change a page to draft or disable it from being shown in the Menu but I don’t think you can use the built -in RW controls to show and disable the menu item.

The only way I think you can do that is to use the Off Site page option, so that it appears as a menu item and you can add active submenu items to it.

Yes, thank you, that would be a solution. I will try that.

@kent I have used 2 different stacks to do this. One is by Marathia and is called “no link” and the other is from Will Woodgate called “Action Host” They do work.



I think it’s still dependent on the theme.

There is a way that is theme independent


Ok Thank you very much.