Disabling Joe's Sitelok Prefix stack

Hi, Joe, (@joeworkman)

Would it be possible for you to modify your Sitelok Prefix stack so that it could be temporarily disabled (not published) rather than completely removed from a project? That would make our lives a bit easier.

Just put it in a free Pen stack and select Do not Publish.

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Thanks. That is a viable solution (?), but it won’t make my life easier.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. Or put differently: why are you trying to do this? It seems at first glance that you are in search of a solution to something that’s not a problem. What’s your usage that’s causing this to be a problem?

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I thought that would be obvious. I want to make a protected page temporarily “unprotected” for some testing. After the testing, I want to reinstate the protected state.

Okay, so how is @Ruyton suggestion also not an “obvious” and easy way to sort out the problem? By my estimation that would take 5 seconds, perhaps 8 if i were drunk. How much easier do you need things to be?


Something really got fundamentally broken in this forum after recent events…

Back to @joeworkman – let me edit my original question.

Would it be possible for you to modify your Sitelok Prefix stack so that it could be temporarily disabled (not published) rather than completely removed from a project, or placed inside another stack (whether it be Pen or any other stack)? Just an appropriate checkbox in Sitelok Prefix would work nicely.

You are probably more likely to get a response from Joe if you post on the weaverspace forum or send a support ticket in. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t routinely monitor other fourms for requests.

Yes, Paul, I consider that option too, but it won’t hurt posting the question here, because other people may be interested in the same topic.

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Thank you, this solution is untile for me 👍

Are you using TCMS as well? could attempt to put that stack in a toggle and have a switch on the admin side to enable and disable. Unfortunately I havent used sitelok enough to know if that will work, but worth a try.

Honestly, as others have said, you’re looking for a solution to a problem that just doesn’t exist. Just put Sitelok Prefix inside a 1 Column stack that comes with Stacks, and set it to ‘Don’t publish this stack’.

What would be useful here is something that can be switched on of off without having to edit and republish.

I vaguely remember there was a stack that provided some logic in an IF THIS THEN THIS type of function. If something like that exists or could be created, then I can see all sorts of applications.

Ideally by performing a check, such as the live page code looking for a password or existence of a file on a server or the contents of that same file, and then that published page code could hide or enable stuff.

This could be useful if you work with clients and want them to see certain stuff such as what a shopping cart might look like or flick between Light and Dark modes.

Maybe @willwood Will’s Querydisplay?

Guys, I appreciate all your answers. I really do. 😘

Before I posted my question on the forum, I was aware of a possibility of “hiding” Sitelok Prefix stock inside another stack that then could be set to “no publish”. It is easy enough.

And yet, it is cumbersome when you realize that a simple “Disable?” checkmark on the Sitelok Prefix stack would be all that’s needed. What could simplify a workflow more than that?

So, I don’t think I am trying to find a hole in the whole. Hence my question to @joeworkman.

I suspect the issue is that the Stacks API makes it ‘all-or-nothing’ with these controls. NB. I’m not an expert, so I could be wrong…

I can’t really see what the difference between a ‘disable’ option for the Sitelok stack and the ‘Do not publish’ option in Pen. Either way, you would have to publish the page to see the effect on the live site.

I make extensive use of Pen and the Do not Publish option when developing a page and also fault finding.

Of course, the other option is to make the Sitelok stack a Partial and simply delete it and add it back in as required. I use this method as well as Pen. Delete a stack, Preview, Undo Edit to put the stack back (althuogh Undo can crash RW!)

However, I do take your point that a disable option would make your workflow easier for you.

Did actually anyone tried this?

IMO the Pen Stack is, as all 3rd party stacks, only able to control the HTML of the stack with a option to publish or not to publish.

This would mean that anything going into the prefix (which is not the HTML of the stack) would still be published.

Of course I might be wrong here.