Display contents of a folder as links?

Anyone got a quick and dirty way to have a list of the contained folders appear on the page as clickable links when you land in a folder on the server?

To explain…

Say I have a folder “dev” that contains the folders “dev1”, “dev2” and “dev3” when I navigate to the folder “dev” all I want to see is a simple list of those folders as links.

Don’t need to style it, html on a page will be fine. Found some php scripts, but none seem to work.

I only want to add the page via RW so I can use Pagesafe.

S4S’s Paperless is good, I’m using it here multiple times to display the contents of multiple folders that are populated via Repository (I so want to type an S and not an R every time I write that word … Sorry Jannis)

Yep, the download stack inside Repository is a bit simpler than Paperless.


If you want to be able to browse your files and directories on the web server, there is a little .htaccess trick you can do:

So instead of going to a directory and being greeted with…

You don't have permission to access X on this server. 

You instead see a simple file / directory hierarchy to navigate through like this:

Read-only, of course.

Both Paperless and Repository’s Download stack will do this. There are slight differences in look/feel of final presentation. That’s up to you which better suits your needs.

But in these cases they provide you with a list/table/grid of files wthin a folder, not sub-folders (as far as I know).

Download only seems to be displaying the files, not folders?

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Had a play, and I don’t think either of those options do what I want.

I don’t want to initiate downloads. I want a list of the folders contained within a folder to appear and be clickable links to open themselves.

I’ve tried a few PHP scripts and HTaccess edits but neither seem to work as I want to have Pagesafe on the page.

I actually thought though this was going to be really, simple, but it’s looking not.

Paperless appears to do what I want, if I click the Title As Link option.

@Jannis Am I correct that Download only displays files not folders?

Yes. Only files.


This works: https://github.com/DirectoryLister/DirectoryLister/releases/tag/2.7.1

Now, to see if I can wrap it into a stack!

Let me know if you need help 🙂

That was only a joke. I don’t actually think it can be made into a stack as it requires the index.php file to work.

The stack thing isn’t a deal breaker. I did want to password the page with Pagesafe, but I’ll just use an HTaccess method instead.