Display live data from a JSON-feed / API on a Rapidweaver/Stacks-site?

is there a stack to display data from a JSON feed on a html page?

One of my clients runs a movie theater and wants to install a new ticketing system, which also includes a movie database and a reservation system. This system delivers all data via JSON feeds.
any help is appreciated :-)

Description from the developer for the 2 APIs:
(Email from the developer - «cineapp» POS system)


In the appendix you will find a proposal for the two end points. All films should be retrieved via the 1st API, while all seasons can be retrieved via the 2nd API.

From my point of view, most of the dependencies and details can be seen from the two JSON files in the attachment. Still, a few more details:

movies (1st API):
Each movie has a unique id within “movies”.
“ov”: true/false = Boolean, which is true in the case of a film in the original (language) version.
“feature” and “story”: String = Both strings can contain the following HTML formatting tags:

screening (2nd API):
Each screening has a unique id within “screenings”.
“event”: true/false = Boolean, which is true in the case of an event (e.g. FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL).
“feature_event”: String = Additional text associated with the event.
screening (2nd API):
In the “Auditoriums” you will find both the capacity and the name of the halls.

Both endpoints will later be accessible via a URL with Basic Auth. The response always contains data starting the day before up to 3 months in the future.

The film covers are available and can be made available via the interface. However, they should be hosted on the web server of the website and only be called up once by cineapp.

Links to the 2 json Files:

Yes there is: Feeds Stack for RapidWeaver

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