Displaying only part of a certain webpage

I need to show a certain part of another page inside an area of clients website. Showing the whole page inside an iFrame does already work: https://www.asb-trier.de/test/
The page to be displayed inside the iFrame is this one: https://hiorg-server.de/termine.php?ov=ovtr

As you see, it’s working with the whole page. But this page is constructed as a table (see screenshot), and I only need the content of “td .maincol” inside of the “table .maintable”.
Ideally even only the

paragraphs inside that td should be displayed, but maybe I could simply hide the h1 and h4 at the top and bottom (“Termine” and “Zurück zur Homepage”). But it would absolutely be sufficient if I could somehow manage to only show the td .maincol in the iFrame. Any chance to make that work?

The content inside td .maincol is dynamically generated from the source site (hiorg-server) with dates of meetings etc. (currently there are no dates).

Any ideas…?

No one any idea…?

Hi Matthias,
I don’t know how you implement/draw in the table… but perhaps you could import/show only the column td.maincol with a stack which can show/import tables instead of the iframe?

Hallo Matthias,
kannst du nicht mit einem Table-Stack nur das td.maincol importieren statt alles mit einem iframe zu holen?
https://rwextras.com/csvtotable/ könnte das eventuell.

Hi Tom, thanks for the tip. But I have no influence on the generation of the table, because this is done by an external provider. I will try to see if I can import only this one column (or row) with a table stack (maybe the one from RW-Extras). But I have my doubts…

Hallo Tom, danke für den Tip. Aber ich habe keinerlei Einfluss auf die Generierung der Tabelle, da dieses von einem externen Anbieter erledigt wird. Ich werde mal versuchen, ob ich mit einem Table-Stack (evtl. dem von RW-Extras) evtl. nur diese eine Spalte (bzw. Reihe) importiert kriege. Aber ich habe da so meine Zweifel…