Do any normal people vote Trump?

Like many I’ve had the TV on in the background today. Lots of supporters on both sides being interviewed. The Trumper supports look like if they’d been in the UK they’d vote Farage. It’s not just that they look, well, odd, but they almost all speak utter nonsense. I realise there may be some selective broadcasting going on, but out of interest, so any normal people support Donny?


Define normal.


LOL. Good point.

Trump is full of himself, and has done himself no favors with his Twitter account. He also picks battles that (IMO) he shouldn’t. He ruthlessly attacked John McCain - which cost him the state of Arizona. On the other hand, he has done a tremendous amount of good for our country. Thank goodness, if Biden & his Marxist sidekick pull the election off, they will be severely hamstrung since the Senate remains in conservative hands. Without the Senate, not much is going to get done in Washington, DC- which is also not necessarily a bad thing. OK, that said, here are a few things that have endeared him to half of the US population:

  • Kept us out of war (first president to do so since Eisenhower - over 60 years ago)
  • Reduced taxes on individuals and corporations
  • Brought manufacturing back to the US (everyone said that would never happen)
  • Appointed three fantastic people to our Supreme Court- and over 300 to federal courts
  • Got us out of the Paris Accord (there was NOT support in the US for this when Obama signed it on our behalf)
  • Exposed widespread corruption within our security agencies, such as the CIA and FBI
  • Leveled the playing field, somewhat, between the US and China (yes, they are thrilled that Biden will be president)
  • Rebuilt our military - after Obama decimated it
  • Built the US into the world’s largest oil producer (yes, more than Saudi Arabia)
  • All but killed our version of socialized medicine - this may sound strange in European countries, but Obamacare is not the panacea that was promised. It is EXTREMELY expensive- both in monthly premiums and in deductibles. Most people that I know of that are covered by it bitch all the time about how expensive it it
  • Built a roaring economy in the US (until COVID stalled it). Unemployment was at record low levels
  • Cut more stupid regulations that anyone since Ronald Reagan
  • Has done more for the Black and Latino populations that any of the recent presidents
  • Reformed our prison system - allowing tens of thousands of people (many/most of which are minorities) to be released since they were in for minor crimes and/or drug possession

I could go on - but those are just some of the reasons he’s going to be missed.


So you’re saying normal people do vote for him?

Harris is a Marxist? Really? I have to admit I don’t pay enough attention to US politics to have spotted that one. Is she openly a Marxist, or just branded it by the right-wing media?

Yes - normal people voted for him.

Look for the video she sent out on Monday. It basically states that even though all people are created equal, because we aren’t on equal footing, she wants to change that. That is, people born to wealthy families should have their money redistributed to the poor. In addition, she is the MOST liberal person in our Senate - to the LEFT of Bernie Sanders. This is indisputable. So, yes- I would say she is without a doubt a Marxist.

Got a link to the video?

One thing though:

That’s not really true though, is it? I mean, the theory is there, and in a biblical sense it’s correct, but the reality, not just in the US but on the entire planet, is that people are most certainly not created equal.

I should caveat this by saying I quite like some elements of marxism, and until recently I was a member of the UK Labour party, and I would have been considered on the left of the party. So our views don’t exactly align on this one!

EDIT: Oh, and I do know my initial comment and the thread subject was more than a little provocative, all in good fun though ;-)

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@dave are you just sarcastic?

Which went in stock buybacks

Fantastic? Aha…

Which is obviously not good.

Trade war without results


Bought with the highest debt in history.

Really all these points are NOT normal.


@Dave Comments are right on the money. Trump appeals to conservatives who want common sense actions and not things that damage the U.S. and its citizens.
So, I would say normal conservatives vote for Trump :)

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To bring you back to the ground: nothing this man decides is common sense.


As a Canadian, from the outside looking in all I see is a guy who normalizes white supremists, incites violence, cries about fake news while being a key contributor to spreading it, is openly corrupt, and has a country so divided that the prospect of a civil war doesn’t seem like a crazy notion.

Plus he’s just a straight up buffon - the furthest thing from presidential.

I get if you’re conservative that you might vote conservative regardless but I just can’t fathom how anyone objectively defends him as a president.


I don’t really know the reality of Trump, on the ground so to speak. I’ve lived outside GB enough to know that what the media tell you about people/places doesn’t always match reality. So, I’m not going to challenge views about what he’s done the US citizens. But (you knew there was a but coming!)…

How do people who like what the man does square that with what the man is?

I mean, I don’t think anyone can seriously argue that he’s not a racist. I’m not basing that on what the media say but what he says, and does. He’s also a massive misogynist. Again, based on his own actions/words, not the media.

I think it’s fair to say he’s generally an odious man. So is all this overlooked due the positives mentioned above? (And I’m not necessarily saying this is wrong, god knows we do exactly that here in Northern Ireland, a lot!).

@jabostick Isn’t Canada in America?



And I realize that everyone is generally in their own echo chamber so the arguments are mostly moot. But I agree with your sentiment - if you seperate the man from the party… it just boggles my mind that he’s made it to where he is.

We might as well be given how closely tied to America we are in a lot of ways. Which is why it’s unfortunate to see the state of the States (at least how I perceive it, anyway). I also live in a very conservative area, so all of the arguments/rationalizations sound very familiar

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We’re obviously on different sides of the fence. I’ll leave it there.

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Keep in mind that he has brought in a huge number of minorities to the Republican Party. He way over performed with African-Americans and Latinos. So, although he may be perceived as racist, the percentage of minorities voting for him says otherwise.

LInk to Kamala’s video:

You really believe the nonsense that is coming out of your mouth (or keyboard)?


Guys, let’s keep it calm and polite, please!

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Hmmm, can’t go with that one I’m afraid mate. He’s an out and out racist. That he’s done what you say is like the guy who says “I’m not a racist, I know a black bloke, he’s alright”.

I did hear a really interesting interview today with someone in US politics: He said no matter what you think or say about Trump he has turned US politics from a spectator to a participation sport for millions of people. In that respect he is/was very much like Corbyn.

I’m just uploading a load of php scripts but will give that video a watch when done. Ta.


We are, aren’t we?

And, that is the issue. Liberals are unwilling to look at facts. To them, it seems that it’s their way or the highway. Yes - LOOK AT THE VOTES. The Republican Party brought in huge numbers of working class folks this time around.

I’ll end it with this. Yes, I’m thrilled Trump ended our participation in the Paris Accord. I’m thrilled with the 9-3 conservative majority now on the Supreme Court as well as the 300 conservative judges he appointed to the Federal Bench. I’m thrilled we held the Senate - which means that DC will be gridlocked. Biden will be unable to pack the court and he’ll have a hell of a time getting bills through.

With that, I’m out of this discussion. None of us will change the other’s mind, so it’s really all a waste of time. But, it has been fun. No hard feelings on my end.