Does Scribe Read more work within Limelight?

Hi, @tav, I am trying to make work a Read More text in Scribe insight a Limelight stack, with no results.
You can see it at ->Recomendaciones ->Alpcross
I don’t know if I am doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.

The Readmore function may work if you enable Lazy PreLoad in the Limelight content stack. If that doesn’t work then it would definitely work if imported using the Webpage / Iframe method.

Making a readmore work with content that is hidden on page load is always a difficult one.

Thank you, Andrew.
The version is 1.0.3.
Lazy Load does not work.
But the client told me that it is ok if there is not a read more. I will try the webpage-iframe method anyway, to check it.

There will be an update to Limelight coming in the next day or so which will address another typo I’ve found but I will look at this and see if it is possible to get it working together.

Excellent. Thanks, Andrew!!!
I tried and the webpage-iframe method works.

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