Doobox update or re-download

I try to use Map 2 from Doobox - and it does not work - I noticed that on the site
the version is
Version : 1.1,4
Released: 1/10/15
Last Updated : 18/11/19
But in my library it is on 1.1.3 - But even after several request to update it does not update and does not work…
Working with stacks 4.0.3 and RW 8.4.1
Is there a place where you can fill in your email and gedownload stacks from Doobox? Or how can I force an update? And does anyone have the same issue - Stack is not showing in preview…THX

That’s one for @doobox Paging Gary…

I’ll look into the update, but your issue is not connected.
I need to see a live example of the map in order to determine what the issue may be, but in almost every case, the issue is your google maps api key. It’s just easier to tell you what may be wrong with your key seeing a live example.

Ok thanks I will check the api - can I redownload stack that I bought in the past?