DotMatrix and WebYep2

I’m building a site using WebYep CMS and would love it if we could set up the DotMatrix stack to be editable by the staff on a daily basis. Has anyone done this? or have any other solution to have an enduser set the scroll without republishing the page?

I can consider adding a marquee / newsticker component to the WebYep pack of stacks.

Is this the sort of effect you are wanting to create?

Although <marquee> tags work in most browsers, they are not an official part of any HTML spec. They were a propriety feature Microsoft added to very early incarnations of Internet Explorer, at the time of the browser wars with Netscape Navigator.

So although you could possibly use those <marquee> tags today in WebYep, it would not be my recommendation. Unsupported means buggy and could vanish without warning.

The Javascript implementation I found the above fiddle for would work better as a WebYep stack.


Something if that effect would be great. Would love to have an announcement like this available via CMS for a school to announce closing information or other important stuff that they can edit or turn off as needed.

revisiting this now. Any further thoughts on a scroll on the page that I can use with webyep2? Do I consider another CMS solution? Trying to keep these things cheap as I am building for a not for profit childcare center. How can I implement the javascript into webyep like above?