Download old version of RW

I seem to be experiencing a lot of glitches with 7.5.7 and I wanted to go back a version. When I look at I see a version 7.5.5 but no 7.5.6 or indeed 7.5.7. It jumps straight to version 8. Does anybody know where I can find 7.5.6?

I too went back a couple of versions and now use 7.55 as my main RW. I seem to recall that 7.56 had an Upgrade RW8 nag screen which kept coming up too often. I can’t recall where exactly I downloaded that version but it was on the RM site where many RW versions were listed and could be downloaded.

Looks like you can get 7.55 here at

Thanks that is the link I posted above. It’s just strange they have not included the two subsequent versions and yes I had forgotten about the nagware in 7.5.6, but otherwise it seemed to be pretty stable.

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I’ve just sent Realmac an email to see where 7.5.6 can be downloaded from. Hopefully they’ll update that page for others.

Not sure if you can use it in this form, but this is a link to 7.5.6. Let me know if I would have to convert it some other way.

That particular version is not there. 7.5.5 jumps to 8.0.

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@IvoryBlack Thank you, that downloaded correctly and looked about the right size but it had a strange icon, so I didn’t try to install it. After digging around I managed to find a copy of 7.5.6 on an old drive here so all sorted.

It is strange that Realmac don’t have this version or 6.5.7 on their website and they ought to be freely available. I mentioned this to them almost two weeks ago and still no change. The person who answered me wasn’t sure if a version 7.5.6 was ever released and said that if it was removed it would have been for a good reason.

“Strange” icons for a “strange” girl, I guess. They’re homemade. They make me SO much happier than the originals.

So sorry for the confusion. And glad you found your old copy.

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@IvoryBlack It’s certainly far more artistic than my dock.

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