Drift / Drift Pro & Source

For animation on my web pages I tend to turn to either my own Animate stack (which is great for simple, subtle animations) or ScrollMate 2 (which is great for scroll based animations).

With the release of Drift / Drift Pro I now have another animation option at my disposal. These 2 stacks are absolute powerhouses and give you the tools to do things in RapidWeaver/Stacks that have not really been possible before. Impressive stuff @joeworkman!

Do check them out if you haven’t already.

When these stacks were released I got quite a few emails asking me about their compatibility with Source. Having had a play with them i can report that they work great. To test them out I rebuilt many of the F6 demos using Source - you can see these recreations here: Drift demo | Drift Pro demo. You can also download the demo project if of interest.

p.s. I plan to build a proper Drift-enhanced Source project at some point (if i can ever find the time!).


Hejsan Stuart

Thank you for making a download available. I have also been wondering about the compatibility with Source. I have not had any time for testing Drift, but it looks exciting.

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Thanks for the shout Stuart and for taking the time to build the Source demo file. I hope everyone here enjoys it!

You should never wonder about compatibility. All of my stacks, outside of Foundation, will work in any theme.


Ok, Mr. Workman :-) Thank you, I would also have thought so, but in regard to Source, sometimes one needs to add more functionality to Source, also kindly provided by Mr. Stuart :-)

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Looking forward to what you come up with and in particular how light the pages will be.

I’m struggling with understanding what Drift does exactly, but I have a suspicion that for the right solution requiring a specific type of animation, this could be a powerful solution.

Update. Just realised you published the Source based demos.

Full marks!