Dropbox limiting devices on free accounts

I have two computers and one smartphone, so I’m just safe for the moment, but I can see this being an issue for others.

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Thanks for sharing - great to read that existing links won’t be affected.


If you mostly use Dropbox to send large files via email, take a look at Firefox Send announced about 10 days ago: https://send.firefox.com/

Full blog post can be read here:

Completely free. End-to-end file encryption. I’ve been using it for about a week to send RapidWeaver files back to customers, and it’s been working great.

For a long time I was a strong advocate of Dropbox. But I started to notice the software was becoming quite invasive and installing things or running background tasks without my permission. So I didn’t renew my account last year and subsequently uninstalled the desktop app.


I heard about this sometime ago, but didn’t know it had actually come out. For sending larger files I’ve tended to use wetransfer.com or even Mail Drop directly inside Mail via iCloud, which allows up to 5 gigs for an attachment.

Dropbox has been essential with 1Password and other jobs like synching FTP accounts across computers etc. I am right at the limit for a free account currently and simply adding a tablet to my range of devices would have forced me on to a shared plan or more likely looking for alternatives.

I’ve moved my business account to sync.com We have a shared library of 1tb for our business library but also a personal 1tb allowance each for personal sharing and storage. It works out a $300 compared to nearly $800 if we use Dropbox.

For personal plans they give you free 5gb but for $50 you get 500gb.

Fully encrypted, sharing, servers in Canada, very professional interface, syncing and storage.

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The problem many of these alternatives face is that other software automatically offers Dropbox as the sync option. Some apps also allow for iCloud or Google Drive. If that’s not important to you then Swiss based PCloud may be of interest https://www.pcloud.com/dropbox-lp/


@willwood I’ve tried using Firefox send three times now but it either stalls uploading or downloading every time. Very strange.

Sooner or later its gonna happen. As for the overall dropbox service i agree with willwood, with time their service permissions become questionable especially the is dropbox safe 9 eyes, 14 eyes status. I switched to pcolud good experience so far