Dumping Gmail

So far I’ve managed to dump most of the Google spyware things I used to use daily, but dumping my 11 year-old Gmail account is another issue altogether.

My main concern is all of the stacks, themes, addons etc. I’ve bought through the years with the Gmail account.

I’m pretty sure Paddle will allow me to update my email address, but things bought through Cartloom and other systems I’m not sure about. It’s mainly for the serial number lookup feature that worries me. I do keep a list, but there’s always that time when it goes wrong.

Would it be a case of contacting each individual vendor? Does anyone know if Cartloom/Paddle purchases are tied to an email for life?

Paddle will let you change your email address:

If you have got multiple email addresses already used for Paddle, get in contact with them here and ask to merge them into one:


What you could do is forward all your Gmail to another account (icloud etc) from within the GMail interface. This way you’ll always receive emails sent to your Gmail acc but anything you send will be from the new account.
If you then highlight the emails that come in from your gmail acc with a filter you can pick off the senders and inform them of your new @ address.