E-commerce - how far would you go?

If you’re setting up an e-commerce site for someone using - say Cartloom - how far do you set up the back end for them? You know, things like postage rates, volume discounts, taxes etc.

Or do you think that’s part of their job because they’re running the business?



That has to be their job - you really don’t want to be legally responsible for any errors there…

Depends if they’re paying.

As for legal, I put up what they tell me, if it’s wrong, not my problem.

Part of my income comes from running cms ecommerce systems for clients. They either don’t have the skill or time to DIY.

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If you just provide consulting services there, they are responsible.


That’s the answer.

Come up with a way to make money doing it. A monthly charge if it’s a regular thing or T&M for the occasional change. What ever works best for you and your client as long as you get paid for your time.


We manage everything for all our clients; eCommerce pricing, postage, website, photos, etc… I carry a $1M policy for Errors and Omissions that costs about $1500/year. Well worth the cost, but required by a credit union account that I have where we update their financial rates (put the decimal in the right place or all hell breaks loose).

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