EasyCMS question about admin pages

I need to evaluate the feasibility of an update to a new site that currently has over 100 pages that are almost the same except for the text.

Initially I though about using EasyCMS but realised that it would require AFAIK a new Admin page for every page. Is this still the case?

Could an admin page exist in a modal window or a hidden area on each page?

I suspect the answer is no but I have lost track of the changes to EasyCMS.

You don’t need an Admin page for every page IMO. In theory you could add 100 Easy CMS Admin-Text stacks to one(!) page and edit the texts there. To clean up the page and make it more accessible for your client you could put the admin stacks in Accordions or s.th. similar and group everything in a way it makes sense…


Yes, I manage the content on a number of pages from one admin page. Not 100 pages I’d admit, but I’m sure it would be fine.

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Thanks. Good to know.

I’m also investigating WebYep so will update on my progress.

When I have a lot of pages that need different text I use either Foundation tabs in vertical mode) to represent the pages or if it’s a different theme, Nick Cates’ Rails stack.

Alternatively, GoCMS would work and it’s really quick to implement.