Ecwid stacks issue

Is anyone else using the Ecwid stacks?

I’ve got some extremely odd behaviour: After the page loads the store category menu slowly disappears and for some categories there is only one item listing per page.

EDIT: Just after speaking with Ecwid, and it looks like something is now broken with the Stacks, at least for me. The Ecwid store isn’t working correctly when using them, but works fine when using Ecwids own tools.

Can anyone else confirm if they are having similar issues?

Tagging @Ricardo I did try to use the form on your site but it wouldn’t work. I have sent an email to the sales@ email address, so hopefully you are getting those.

I already replied to an email that @TemplateRepo sent me.

Ecwid has made some change on the back end that is only affecting brand new stores. For now the solution is, although counter intuitive, to turn on the legacy controls in the Ecwid Store Stack, and adjust the settings to correctly display your categories and items.

Meanwhile, I will figure out what has changed and issue an update. The ECWID stacks are NOT broken, the issue is caused by a change done one the Ecwid side that one affects brand new stores.


Apparently WHATEVER happened on the ECWID end has been fixed. Now new stores are displaying correctly. No need to enable Legacy controls for new store. I’ve been trying to get some insights from my Ecwid insiders, but without any luck as of yet.

Conclusion: continue to use the EcwidPro stacks normally. Happy weaving.




Unfortunutely the issue is back. Whatever Ecwid did to fix it, they’ve undone it.

To be safe just enable the legacy settings in the store stacks. That takes care of the issue

Only the category listing issue. The category menu still doesn’t work. As per the email I sent.

I’m waiting for some answers from Ecwid, and working on a fix for this issue.

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Hi @TemplateRepo,

After some research and testing, I think found a solution to accommodate old and new stores. I will release an update tonight or tomorrow.


Hi. For now it’s been fixed again by Ecwid. They claim it was fixed by making some changes to the store setup, but declined to tell the client what!

I’ll look out for the update.

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Hi @TemplateRepo,

I have updated the stack to v2.1.0-7, just use the update in RW. Once the stack is updated, please restart RW.

I also suggest removing the current store stack from the project and adding a fresh one after restarting RW.

That should not only fix the issue, but also let you control how many product are displayed on the store page.



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Many thanks. I’ll let you know if the problem reappears.

Update on this for you @Ricardo

Ecwid has just responded to me to say the issue was caused by the new store shop front being turned on.

No idea what it means or how it’s turned on, it’s not my store. But that info might be helpful to you in working out why this issue appeared, disappeared, reappeared, and so on.

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And here we go again!

Ecwid have yet again changed whatever the hell it is they keep changing, and some of the stacks are no longer working, again.

The new store stack is displaying the store correctly, even after Ecwid has messed it up again, so that’s good! But the menu issue is back again.

I’ll PM you a link to the page that is exhibiting the issue, but essentially what happens is the entire menu appears on load, then each menu item didsappears one after the other, until they are all gone.

Yes, it’s weird!


I looked at the page, I’m not sure what’s missing. The store stack is displaying things correctly from my point of view. What menu are you referring to? Which stack is associated with it?