EDITED: Display a folder of PDF's on a page?

I’ve a range of PDFs, about 20 in total, that need displaying on a page, more or less like a gallery. Before I dive, anyone know if @Jannis Gallery 3 will display PDF’s?

OK, tried it, don’t work.

@Jannis and anyone else: Got any ideas for ways to display a folder with 20 pdf’s in it? As a list is fine? I’ve tried with the Repo Download stack, and it’s almost perfect, but there is no way to display the PDF, only download them.

Ideally, I’d like summit like Repo, where clicking the pdf title opens it in a modal, then clicking a download icon downloads it.


I was going to make something with Limelight, but it feels overkill, when really all I need is a list.

I guess you have to build something with an own grid and a pdf viewer inside limelight.

That was my thinking if I was to go the Limelight route, but it’s just overkill. All I need is a list of the contents of a folder, with the ability to view each file in the folder (it’ll be only pdf’s) and download them if required.

There must be summit out there to do this?

I can’t remember if this will work, but have you looked at Will’s Paperless stack?

Thanks, I haven’t, but I’ve found a simple filemanager script which works perfectly. So sorted now.

Do you have a link to that script (and maybe even a live example) for us…? ;-)

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Can’t give you a demo I’m afraid, not the install I’ve done of it, as it’s on a clients private network, only open to his staff so they can view and download sales data in PDF format.

The script is called Tiny File manager. I’ve actually used it before, it’s the one I used in the Create template.

It’s much the same as Repository (althought not as feature rich), except I was able to add it to an exisiting page, as it’s just a bit of code.

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