Elfsight widgets - lifetime deal

A really great deal just now on AppSumo for a load of cool little widgets by Elfsight that you can easily add to your RW web pages (or any other platform that you use). 63 different ones are included in the lifetime deal for $49. Bargain.


Thanks Stuart, looks great. Watched the video and noticed that in the code snippet you have to integrate in your RW site there is an Elfsight script referenced from an external CDN. Since this is forbidden here in Europe (or at least in Germany) without the consent of the site visitor these nice scripts cannot be used with our DSGVO/GDPR regulations. :-/


Yes - good point. Worth considering that for sure. You can always set it up to only load scripts like these after a cookie/consent check but realise that’s not always ideal.


They look great, and as I move away from stacks for dynamic content, perfect for me, but… What happens when Elfsight go pop? (That’s not directed at you Stuart in an aggressive way, just posing the question).

Does anyone know if it’s possibly to download the interface and have everything stored/running locally?

I think you can buy individual widgets via code canyon and they can be used locally. This deal is for remote use so yes - with this deal if they do go pop then so do the widgets. They seem like a pretty secure / established mob though I think so should be good for a while!

I guess at the end of the day, using Stacks from some devs is just as likely to end in tears as it might with any other outfit.

There’s also the chance that Elfsight might maintain their widgets!


You have the additional dependency with Elfsight, that their server may be down. Much better to hold everything on your own server.

Indeed. Which is why I asked…