Email obfuscation in buttons

I’ve used various obfuscation tools for when I have a text link to an email on a website. Is there something that should be done when using an email link with buttons? Or is it inherently ‘obfuscated’ because it isn’t on the page (even though it’s visible in the code)?

You can use the PaddyButt stack to style an obfuscated email address as it effectively styles links into buttons.

Paste the code into a text stack and insert the text stack into the PaddyButt. I don’t often get to use that phrase.

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Thanks! I’ll have to give that ol’ PaddyButt a real once over.

Curious if there’s anything we can/should be doing (i.e. using a font awesome icon as an email link, for example)? I believe RW has an obfuscation setting but I believe it’s only relevant to the contact form plugin and/or the contact email in general settings.

I would say a FA envelope icon would be a pretty easy thing to search for to find the contact button. Perhaps use an inline SVG of a suitable icon, with a link.

Turns out you can add the code to the link dialogue box in RW, you just have to edit it a bit.
If I use Joe’s tool here: and put in, I get this code:
<a href='&#109;ailto&#58;i&#37;6Ef%6&#70;%40examp%6Ce&#46;com'>inf&#111;&#64;e&#120;ample&#46;&#99;om</a>
If I only take the first bit after a href=' and before the first closing tag: &#109;ailto&#58;i&#37;6Ef%6&#70;%40examp%6Ce&#46;com it seems to work. I don’t know if this is useful to anyone but me but here we are.