Email Signature

Hello, I am looking for a email signature program - with no reacurring fee.
For Apple mail and IOS.
I looked at Joe Workmans suite for Email - but that is more for promotion I think - or could you create a html signature with?

What do you mean by email signature program? What do you want to do?

To create a signature to put on every mail you send with a picture and layout.

There are many online services with reacurring fees to just host your image…

Just write up some text, and drag an image in. It’s really easy, no need for a program.

Checkout Email Signature Creator by Mad Birdies on the App Store. Has worked well for me and is a quick way to create good looking signatures.


Email sigs are a pain and not handled well by Apple Mail. I managed to get something decent by using a service such as you describe, but hacking it up externally to avoid the recurring fees.


Are you shure this works - going by the reviews - “the worst app ever” " you should be ashamed" - I know reviews are not allways reliable but there is not one positive…
And then if it one or two € I would try it but its 8€ and that would be a shame…

Works fine for me. It isn’t iWeb for signatures, so you have to think about what you are doing so that’s probably why you get some bad reviews. It requires you to choose text sizes and a suitable image and then adjust the image to the best size, but other than that is is straight forward.

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OK thx I try it out…

Indeed works like a charm - on apple mail and ios - looks like the neg people are non technical… I’m going to write a positive review to counter ‘the dark side’


Joe Workman’s Email stacks are really great. However, you can’t use them directly to create an email for Apple Mail because Mail doesn’t send html. Sadly, if you use safari’s Share command, it doesn’t create a very good work-around. However, there is an html email program for the Mac called Airplane. It’s send-only, so you won’t receive emails in 2 different places.

I use @Doobox free Mailshot stand-alone app. Works really good. I combine its html output with Sitelok’s emailing system.