Email stack is giving me an error

I’m getting an error on the website when using your stack. The Domain and Web Hosting support team is saying the problem is not on their end, and it seems is a scripting issue. I’m using version Contact stack from @doobox version 3.1.9 Is there a newer version or any helpful solution that I can use in order to make this form work as it should? Thanks in advance.

3.2.9 is the latest available via RW stacks updater.

But. This error, while it reports better in later versions, generally means the host does not supports something the stack needs.

Normally the host only supports smtp authenticated email when you see this error.


Sometimes they require the form be sent from an email address that is tied to your server.
In this case you’d need to point the form at an email address tied to that domain, and toggle the compatibility checkbox in the stacks setting.

@doobox Is it possible that is failing because I’m using it twice in the same page?

For example: This other website is using the same host and the same stack and it’s working fine.

I think the only thing different I noticed between the two is that I use your stack in the same page twice.

The email I’m using on the stack is using the same domain. (

Anything you can do to help it will be super great, man!