Embed a Google Calendar. Wjhat are my options now?

I’m setting up a “What’s On” calendar in Google Calendar and want to embed it into a page. It’s not something I’ve done much in the past, and not at all recently. What are my options?

I’m afraid, the options are very limited now as Weavium’s Kalendar won’t be supported any longer. The former Event Calendar stack from Rapid Ideas is not available any more, which was for me the best one. However, someday it stopped working with repeating events.

So far I know, there is no other stack available able to connect to Google calendar. Would appreciate if some of the developers would look into that.

With the iframe / embed option you have to accept Google calendar’s ugly design but, it’s the easiest way I guess.

I use Milan Lund’s gcalendar on one of my sites for simple event list pulled fron a GCalendar. Nothing particular but it works: http://www.kacurak.com/formatgooglecalendar/example.html

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Yes, I’ve just used Google iframe option. I was then sick, it’s so ugly!

I’ll use kalendar for now. I think it works mostly, except perhaps for repeat events, which this calendar won’t have. It’ll do until I have the time to work out a better solution.