Embed a Video into Grid plus?

Trying to get a video to run within the Grid plus framework. I’ve obviously got it wrong as its not running ;0) LOL
Anyone have any recommendations at to a stack/work around, would also like to run a mpeg in another window, so needs to be not uploaded to Vimo or Youtube. …and if at all possible one that scales.

Cheers Jon

It should work fine. What are you using to add the video?

You’ve not added a link to the grid item? If you have then that would be stopping you interacting with the video.

Yep, had the link ticked… so its now showing the video play, but on clicking I’m getting an error, which I take is something I’ve done ;0) Have been using Foundry Video Embed, but it doesn’t support mpeg or non unloaded content, so really need an alternative if someone knows of a video player.
Thanks for your help Stuart


There are quite a few. The S4S Embed and inStacks MediaPlayer come to mind.

I already had a few, but none really did what I wanted it to do. However after looking at S4S Embed, that was nearly there, I’ve gone wth S4S player 2, that ticks all the boxes I needed, thanks for the heads up Gary.
Cheers Jon

I’m not exactly sure what you want to do, but one of the best ways I can think of is to use an image of one of the frames of each video, and use that image as the background or the actual image in a Grid Plus item that opens a BWD Limelight, to play the video. This is about as slick as it gets, IMHO.

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