Embed pages or use sub domains?

I have a client whos RW site has grown over the years.

Recently they signed up with Kartra … to use for online quiz stuff and going to be more …

So which is best? Should I embed these … or rebrand them with a subdomain of the domain xxxxxxxxxxx.com in Kartra and link to them from the external pages using various buttons or hyperlinked texts.

When I integrate with external services (Kartra in your case) I always give them their own space in a subdomain and redirect people there if they want to use that services.
Although it depends on the case scenario, sometimes it makes sense to embed parts of the software in your page. I believe you can have it both ways.

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Thanks for info. Excuse my ignorance … but when you redirect to subdomain … they leave the site and obv they dont have the site menu then … so probably dont return to the site. Whereas if I embed the page they stay … Is that the main difference?

Well usually an app like Kartra is the main show of your website, where you want people to be redirected , subscribe, or watching content you provide… it is then up to you entering the links that go back to your website.

I don’t know very well your case scenario, but it is totally possible that for what you want to achieve you only need a couple of embed codes

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Cool Thanks … I’ll try both ways and report back